voices of tomorrow



Vision:  To be strong sustainable community that's successful in defining our own liberation and narratives.

Mission: Preserve Immigrant & Refugee children's identity through culturally responsive child-focused programs.

Voices of Tomorrow Defined

Voices of Tomorrow (VOT) works closely with community partners to eliminate racial inequities in the Early Learning System, which deeply affect Immigrant and Refugee children’s growth, development, and academic performances. Early childhood is the most critical phase of human development, and the focus of Voices of Tomorrow is to create early learning programs that preserves the child’s culture/language, while advancing African indigenous parenting practices and community-driven narratives. Substantial research shows that early adversity, including loss of a language, is associated with diminished health across the life course and across generations.

Our Strategies for 2019-2024

  • Contribute to the reductions of early education disparities for Immigrant and Refugee (I&R) children in King County

  • Expand Dual-Language Somali/English Early Learning Programs through King County

  • Create culturally responsive tools to inform best practices.

  • Have representation at all spaces where children are the center-focus

VOT Values

  1. Community

  2. Educators

  3. Culturally responsive

  4. Health and Safety

  5. Racial Equity