Community Advisory Committee

Voices Of Tomorrow is looking for members to join our Community Advisory Committee, to advise on the structure of VOT’s existing services and upcoming programs.

If you're interested, or know someone that is please contact us today!


An community advisory committee that will help shape VOT’s ongoing and future programs.


Building and sustaining relationships in the East African Community is fundamental to VOT’s mission and vision.  Having a  diverse committee that can advise VOT on strategies to improve our culturally responsive services, and provide input on the upcoming projects will ensure that we are meeting the community needs.

Long-term Strategies

VOT’s Advisory Board will focus on:

a) Improving data collected for the East African community in King County to improve child-focused programs

b) Surveying the service gaps and the need of the East African families/children.

c) Identification of and recommendations on opportunities to remove barriers for providers and families

d) The committee will use a racial equity lens when analyzing potential program recommendation.

Please CLICK HERE if you’re interested.

Voices of Tomorrow