GiveBig 2019

Omar came to our Somali- English dual language program in 2017, at the tender age of 3 years old. He was one of our youngest students and he had lots of energy. Omar had a hard time with his transition into being a student. At home, he had 6 siblings and he was the youngest which meant that he often got what he wanted. At school, there were rules and structure, two things he wasn’t used to and a difficult thing for him to understand. When Omar was told “no” or asked to try something new, teachers were met with Omar’s temper tantrums. The teachers were patient and worked with Omar to help him understand their rules and structure. Fast forward five months later and Omar was now a positive leader in the classroom. He told others how to follow the rules, shared his toys, and knew the daily schedule from memory.

Omar was able to become a leader because our teachers are trained in the Creative Curriculum Model which focuses on the daily structure, conflict resolution, and directed play, all things that contributed to his success. All Omar needed was a nurturing environment and loving teachers. With your donation, we will be able to train and support more teachers so more children can end up like Omar.

GiveBig 2019:

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