One Parents Review of Our ECEAP Program

I heard about VOT through a former work colleague of mine who is also currently working at VOT. I also met VOT recruitment staff this summer at my place when we recruited my daughter. We’re looking forward to her preschool debut. I am hoping that the experience will be vibrant, joyful and memorable for her. I have been in early learning (head start, eceap, stepahead and prenatal to 3 home visiting) since summer of 2006 but VOT will be the first program that I know started and run by Somali girls—some of who immigrants, refugees, and usually recipients of human services. It’s a great start and we, as community are with you all the way.
Other early learning programs are headed by while middle class who are typically not a resident of their services areas thus they seem oblivious to communities their program services.

Almost all their leadership are not people of color save for few token brownies sprinkled in their management position to meet diversity quarters. What matters really is QUALITY early learning program and people who have no much connection to the community in which their services providers do not invest time and resources to get to know the community needs. We know from public health that early learning matters to not only ensure toddlers are school ready but also should any learning difficulties arise, appropriate early interventions are quickly put in place for them to grow and thrive. Family engagement and support provided by proper trained and skilled closer to community staff make much difference to promote dialogue around seeking early intervention for children growing at different levels. My first impression is that VOT is best thing that happened for our families and we’re hoping to connect more and connect in a meaningful way to advance community growth and resilience in many areas.

ECEAP Parent-Abdi Isaak

Mustafa Ahmed