10 Reasons Why Being a Preschool Teacher is Rewarding

10 Reasons Why Being a Preschool Teacher is Rewarding

1.) You get to experience things with them for the first time. This happens with most grade levels, but not to the extent that it happens in early childhood classrooms. When you are teaching early childhood education, you are often the first witness to so many groundbreaking moments. It will be these times when you really feel rewarded as a teacher. Sure, the long-term rewards are nice, like having a student come back to visit you after several years. But, these are the daily ‘wins’ that will keep you motivated.

2.) Get to help children learn in new ways. The cool thing about being an early childhood education teacher is that you have to apply different methods sometimes to different students, depending on their learning style. Unlike a manufacturing job, which utilizes the exact same processes for production, teaching is an art and a science in some ways. Seeing the effectiveness of different approaches will also help develop your interpersonal skills for communicating with all age groups. Definitely one of the benefits of being a preschool teacher. 

3.) The feeling you get when you overcome challenges. It never fails: Just when you’re about to question how much more patience you have, just when you start wanting to give up – your students will have a breakthrough, and you will want to kiss the ground, and do your happy dance. There is nothing better than having a high-five moment with a young student when they make a breakthrough – another one of the awesome reasons why being a preschool teacher is rewarding. 

4.) You get better at multi-tasking. As you can imagine, you better stay organized when you’re teaching a class of early childhood students. If you don’t, you could quickly lose control of your curriculum, and classroom behavior. When you practice goal-setting and stick to a schedule, you will notice your organizational skills and ability to multi-task will improve. When you consider the early childhood education job outlook in your area, consider the additional personal benefits you can gain besides long-term job security.

5.) It comes with the responsibility of keeping children safe. There is a somewhat noble feeling that goes along with teaching preschool education. Knowing that you are taking care of the most vulnerable people among us, helping them learn and grow into responsible people – and keeping them safe – is a big responsibility. One that you will definitely feel good about.

6.) They will thank you when they’re grown. When people say this is “why I love being a preschool teacher,” this is one of the many reasons why. But it’s worth the wait. We can’t count how many teachers have shared their stories about students who come back to thank them after several years away. It will amaze you to see how quickly they grow into adults and start making their own way in the world. And when they do, they will remember you, and thank you for setting them up for success.

7.) Can make you a better parent, babysitter, and coolest family member. When you are a natural around children, they can definitely feel it. If you embrace the same passion and love for helping kids learn and enjoy childhood, you can be the coolest aunt or uncle, or family friend a kid could have. You can also help model healthy and fun behavior for other adults who may not have your natural ability to connect with kids. Does this make you want to learn more about the early childhood education career outlook? 

8.) You can tap your own inner child. As a tangent of the previous example, being an preschool education teacher gives you the freedom to explore the parts of yourself that thrive off childlike experiences. You can refresh your imagination and creative skills through the activities you plan, and the learning outcomes you aim for with your students.

9.) The health and retirement benefits can add up. Let’s take a brief break from pulling your heartstrings and talk about health and retirement benefits of being a preschool teacher. Although there are many occupations that have higher pay scales than education, the benefits can definitely be a perk. As you know, health insurance is never cheap. And it’s not easy to save for retirement on your own.  That’s why being a preschool teacher is rewarding for people who are passionate about this field, and want to have security for retirement and potential health issues.

10.) Can lead to higher positions. Even if you love being an early childhood education teacher, there can come a time when you want to move on to other positions. Maybe you think you can make a bigger impact in curriculum development, or working for a children’s book publisher. Or maybe you want to be principal of an elementary school one day? Why not? The great thing about teaching is that you can always keep moving forward and advancing to new levels. We need stellar educators more than ever. When you speak with schools about the early childhood education job outlook  and your goals, be sure to ask about career advancement and degree requirements for your longterm job aspirations.

Mustafa Ahmed