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2019 -2020 Voices of Tomorrow’s Advisory Committee Application

Voices of Tomorrow (VOT) was founded in 2012 by East African professionals who came together to achieve one goal: “Helping today’s children for a better tomorrow.” These professionals take pride in delivering comprehensive programming for childcare providers and families in King County’s diverse communities.

VOT works closely with community partners to eliminate inequities in the early learning system which deeply affect our East African children’s growth, development, and academic performance. To achieve these outcomes, VOT is committed to increasing the quality in East African early childhood education programs through structured early learning and parent education programs, environmental assessments, and professional development for the childcare operators.

Voices of Tomorrow is putting together an Advisory Committee to help support building relationship in the East African Community and sustaining it, is fundamental to VOT’s mission and vision.  VOT’s diverse committee advice VOT on strategies to improve our culturally responsive services and provide input on the upcoming projects. The committee will use racial equity as a core value when analyzing current and future programs.

We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will be focused on improving data collected for the East African children in King County, surveying the service gaps and the need of the East African families/children and identification of and recommendations on opportunities to remove barriers for providers.

We will be looking for people to come and share their expertise and experiences to help inform the great work that VOT is doing in the community.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out an application.  

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